Painting Houses and Interiors on the Central Coast in NSW for 15 years

So if you are looking for a painter on the Central Coast, NSW in Australia, give Patrick a call and get a quote for your place. As a painter and decorator with a wide range of skills and talents, he’ll be very happy to arrange a free quote for your painting project. Just click here to give him all your details by filling in our quote form.

Patrick DeBusscher ( pronounced Deh b you Cher) is a certified interior decorator who specialises in updating those once-loved/now-hated old fashioned colours into clean and stylish, freshly painted,  beautiful wall spaces and colour schemes that people are pleased to live with and proud to invite people in to see.

Interior Designer and Painting Contractor

chateau cornice with rosesPatrick started work with his father who was a painter and decorator in Lille, France. He went to design college and got his degree as a certified interior designer and decorator, after which he expanded the family business.

He migrated to Australia and came to live and work in Sydney . Here he managed the interior decoration of several million dollar properties including a French Chateau in Dural.

He has worked for builders, real estate offices or private citizens on new projects or old. He can take the raw wood and gyprock of a new building and get it ready to become your own designer place. Or he can refinish scuffed and damaged paintwork, worn or peeling painted surfaces, and provide protection for the important features of your lived in homes or business, both inside and out.

Patrick Helps You Select Colours

A good designer listens. Patrick finds it highly satisfying to take something a bit worn and shabby and create something fresh and just a little bit different from it. Something that is all about you and what you like , that will suit your choice of furniture and tiling and flooring.

The harmonious use of colour is his special talent . Patrick can be consulted for advice or will simply listen to what you want and intuitively help you to make the right colour choices . Choices that will give you pleasure when you look around you for years to come.

Patrick Always Turns Up To Appointments

If you need someone to paint or decorate your home and give it a clean new fresh finish, contact Patrick today for a quote. He will come and assess your property and talk with you about your options. He is generally early and always turns up when he says he will.

His painting quotes are fair.  Not in the cheaper range, which may use sub-standard paint quality, but also not in the higher range such as large companies with high expenses or a builder or designer’s recommended painter (who may add a designer cut to the services they provide).

He does a professional painting job, with a minimum of disruption to your family or business while the work is being done. So don't be shy, get on the phone, or email us the quote request and we'll call you to confirm your appointment . Look forward to it....