Patrick & Tim DeBusscher

Patrick and Tim DeBusscher are both experienced painters and decorators living  on the Central Coast,  working  from Sydney to Newcastle.

If you are looking for a local painter we offer free painting quotes. We paint homes or offices. Our exterior building paintwork is guaranteed for 5 years.  We are always On Time & On Budget.

We Always Turns Up For Appointments

If you need someone to paint or decorate your home, contact Patrick or Tim today for a quote. Either may come and assess your property, talk with you about your options and preferences, and make up a quote for the cost.  Both Patrick and Tim are generally slightly early and always turns up when they say they will.

Our painting quotes are fair. Not in the cheaper range, which may use sub-standard paint quality, but also not in the higher range, such as some builder or designer’s recommended painter (who may be required to add a designer cut to all the services they provide).

Interior – Exterior … Brand New – Repaint.

We have worked for builders, real estate offices and private citizens on new projects or old.  Mostly  at the moment we do residential homes. Undercoating and finishing the raw wood and gyprock of a new building to get it ready for people to live in their own custom designer place. Or refinishing old paintwork, fixing worn  surfaces, to provide a new look and long term protection for homes or business premises,  inside and out.  Inside or out, the results are stunning.

We Help You Select Colours & Finishes

A good designer listens. We find it highly satisfying to help a client find the perfect colour and finish from the masses of choices available.  Your space is all about you and what you like, what will suit your house, furniture, tiling and flooring. What feels like home to you.

If you need more information, please browse the relevant articles on the website. We keep it simple,  all the photos are from jobs we have painted and you may find some answers or tips about painting or decorating.

Call or Email for a Painting Quote Today

Central Coast Painters does a professional painting job, with a minimum of disruption to your family or business.

So don’t be shy, get on the phone, or email us the basic job details and your phone number asking for a free quote request. We’ll call you to confirm when its suitable for one of us to come and look at your house for the estimate.

painters Patrick & Tim DeBusscher             See you then, look forward to it…

Patrick and Tim