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Complete New Look – Wyee

We had the opportunity to give a house a total new look at Wyee recently. Joanne and Des have a small property in Wyee. On it was a house like a woodlands cabin with exterior walls of shiplap cladding, rough timber planks stained mission brown. Floor to ceiling glass in cedar windows means plenty of light inside the house but the outside looked old fashioned, dark and plain. They had decided to get some repairs done and to build in a small extension on one end of the verandah. The deck and verandah ceilings were also painted. With some trepidation, because it’s a big change, Joanne and Des decided to paint the cladding and window frames in an off white range of colours. Each colour paint had a little neutral cream tint in it, a warm cream on the shiplap and almost white on the trims. Because of the previous coats of stain, the timber needed sealing first with an enamel undercoat, so that no brown staining comes through and spoils the pale finish coat. Then two coats of weathershield to protect the wood against sun and rain. The results were nothing less than stunning. These are the before and after pictures for painting Wyee Many of our jobs are repaint jobs, to refresh the colours that are already there and make it look new. Often the colours are similar or the same as were there before. It was really fun to paint this house. To make such a dramatic…

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Summerland Point Painter

Summerland Point Painter

This holiday house with stunning views over the water, needed a Summerland Point painter to spruce up its weatherboard exterior. We drove on a road between the still smoking trees of recent bushfires in October, and arrived at this beautiful little cabin next to the sparkling water. The owners chose a mid range fawn colour for the cladding boards, picked out the window frames and verandah latticework in white, and we painted the front door in a strong bluish purple. Lovely combination of colours, beautiful location. Good job!

Painting at Mosman

3 Painters Pool Mosman

Painting at Mosman – how every one thinks someone else’s job is easier Pat and I used to live in Sydney and it’s always a privilege when we originally painted a building and the client asks us back for maintenance and refresh painting. The house at Mosman is one of our favourites, a million dollar view (as many in this suburb do), but the house and it’s owners are a joy to visit. There are places here that are a bit tricky to paint though and the photo’s show how to paint around a pool. I was painted the railings around the balcony on the floor above and it was a great viewpoint for these shots. You need good balance and sometimes ingenuity to be a painter!  The passing of the roller over the water on the end of the stick was a brilliant idea I thought. Because you wouldn’t want to walk on that tiny ledge more than you have to. You have to use one hand to hang on tight to the wall as well as October is still a bit cool to be going swimming. Later while we were sitting having coffee I commented that the gardener had his work cut out for him as well. But the guys seemed to think it would be a breeze – they have machines that do it they said. Still – keeping those hedges square and the clippings out of the pool – that doesn’t look so easy to me….

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Painting At Paxton

Painting at Paxton

Painting at Paxton We have just finished painting Tracie’s house at Paxton. Before we painted it was an olive beige colour for the wooden walls with a brown trim on the windows and doors. Tracie chose a lilac grey for the walls and a charcoal grey trim. Her charming house now has a stylish and modern look with features that really stand out. The charcoal colour painted on the upright posts  and on the window and door frames, matched the dark grey paint on the concrete driveway and path that surrounds the house and goes with the black metal fence.

Painting At Crows Nest

painting at crows nest

Painting At Crows Nest It was fun to be back in Sydney for a job, (apart from the traffic :-(.  We took the opportunity to stay with my mom in Balgowlah for a few days. So we had time to relax and talk, and have a game of canasta, and a lovely meal. The next week we had another job in Sydney and stayed over again. This time we went to play trivia at Dee Why, and we won! ( I’m not sure that was because we were there to contribute to the team effort though!) This job, painting at Crows Nest, made a nice change. Although the house was not new,  the external paintwork was in very good condition, so it needed only a minimum of preparation before we could start painting. This was just a “refresh and refinish in the same colour” job, and looked great when it was done.

Painting Our House At Lake Haven

Painting Our House At Lake Haven Not quite sure why but as with most trades, getting a job done on your own home always seems to get put off . I don’t remember when we last painted the outside of our house but it has certainly needed a repaint for some time, especially the front door. So we had a free week at the end of April and Pat decided it was time to “mend nets” and paint our house  at Lake Haven We built this house as owner builders when we first moved to Lake Haven on the Central Coast from Manly. We were undecided at first about whether to paint it or keep it unpainted and brick coloured but we both agreed we’d soon get sick of that even if it would save us money to not have to paint it. So we went for a cheaper brick and painted them, so we could change the house colour from time to time. When we first built the house we were very into lime wash finishes, so the first two paint jobs were both done with lime wash. The first choice was two shades of Wedgwood blue. We loved this when it was first finished. (Sorry about the “painting effect” on these pictures, it wasn’t intentional. Went back to correct the settings on the scanner but then it stopped working altogether, so its this version or nothing for now.) For the first repaint we both loved this golden sand…

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Painting At Tamworth

We quoted this house without seeing it first and discovered that although as described it is a small house – it had a massive amount of balcony railing to paint. We ended up painting this house for meals – as the cost of paint alone absorbed the quoted price. Long way to go to remember a basic rule – never quote sight unseen!

Painting Davids House

Painting Davids House Painting David’s house in the country near Canberra got us away for a few days last year, as we painted both inside and outside. We stayed here and so experienced a tiny little bit of  how farmers  live. David’s dogs were beautiful, working cattle dogs of a breed called a Meramer that I had never seen before. David breeds Jersey Cows and we were lucky enough to see a calf shortly after its birth. Saw some good sunrises and sunsets as well and one day a fully red parrot flew in but flew away before I could get the camera ready.