We had the opportunity to give a house a total new look at Wyee recently. Joanne and Des have a small property in Wyee. On it was a house like a woodlands cabin with exterior walls of shiplap cladding, rough timber planks stained mission brown. Floor to ceiling glass in cedar windows means plenty of light inside the house but the outside looked old fashioned, dark and plain.

They had decided to get some repairs done and to build in a small extension on one end of the verandah. The deck and verandah ceilings were also painted.

With some trepidation, because it's a big change, Joanne and Des decided to paint the cladding and window frames in an off white range of colours. Each colour paint had a little neutral cream tint in it, a warm cream on the shiplap and almost white on the trims. Because of the previous coats of stain, the timber needed sealing first with an enamel undercoat, so that no brown staining comes through and spoils the pale finish coat. Then two coats of weathershield to protect the wood against sun and rain. The results were nothing less than stunning.

These are the before and after pictures for painting Wyee





Many of our jobs are repaint jobs, to refresh the colours that are already there and make it look new. Often the colours are similar or the same as were there before.

It was really fun to paint this house. To make such a dramatic change from a dark brown to this lovely creamy white. It's also been wonderful to see our clients so happy with their choices. Painting at Wyee gave this house a complete new look, both modern and attractive. Hasn't it made a difference?

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