Painting At Crows Nest

painting at crows nestIt was fun to be back in Sydney for a job, (apart from the traffic :-(.  We took the opportunity to stay with my mom in Balgowlah for a few days. So we had time to relax and talk, and have a game of canasta, and a lovely meal.

The next week we had another job in Sydney and stayed over again. This time we went to play trivia at Dee Why, and we won! ( I'm not sure that was because we were there to contribute to the team effort though!)

This job, painting at Crows Nest, made a nice change. Although the house was not new,  the external paintwork was in very good condition, so it needed only a minimum of preparation before we could start painting. This was just a "refresh and refinish in the same colour" job, and looked great when it was done.

It's a shame people often can't afford to repaint while the finish is still good, as the paint protects the timber for so much longer when it is constantly kept in good condition like this. No rot and no peeling, just well maintained. It makes a big difference to how long before things need replacing.



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