Painting at Mosman

- how every one thinks someone else's job is easier

Pat and I used to live in Sydney and it's always a privilege when we originally painted a building and the client asks us back for maintenance and refresh painting. The house at Mosman is one of our favourites, a million dollar view (as many in this suburb do), but the house and it's owners are a joy to visit.

There are places here that are a bit tricky to paint though and the photo's show how to paint around a pool. I was painted the railings around the balcony on the floor above and it was a great viewpoint for these shots.

You need good balance and sometimes ingenuity to be a painter!  The passing of the roller over the water on the end of the stick was a brilliant idea I thought. Because you wouldn't want to walk on that tiny ledge more than you have to. You have to use one hand to hang on tight to the wall as well as October is still a bit cool to be going swimming.

Later while we were sitting having coffee I commented that the gardener had his work cut out for him as well. But the guys seemed to think it would be a breeze - they have machines that do it they said. Still - keeping those hedges square and the clippings out of the pool - that doesn't look so easy to me. Maybe they are right and they have their own ingenious solutions.

A week and another day in paradise. The weather was glorious until the very last day.

This was a BIG relief because the first time we painted here years ago, while painting the built in flower boxes around the courtyard, a sudden squall came up and the heavy downpour washed all the paint off the walls, it streamed over the very expensive tiles and swirled into the pool! Now that was a nightmare clean up job!

Who said "anyone can paint"... or "painting is easy" ... hmm I guess every one thinks that someone else's job is easier than theirs!.

3 Painters Pool Mosman

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