Painting at Paxton

We have just finished painting Tracie's house at Paxton. Before we painted it was an olive beige colour for the wooden walls with a brown trim on the windows and doors.

Tracie chose a lilac grey for the walls and a charcoal grey trim. Her charming house now has a stylish and modern look with features that really stand out.

The charcoal colour painted on the upright posts  and on the window and door frames, matched the dark grey paint on the concrete driveway and path that surrounds the house and goes with the black metal fence.


The original paintwork was in a real bad way so this job required a bit more preparation than is usual. Pictures say it better than I can, so you can see what needed to be done in the pictures below. The windows were originally painted in white enamel and this surface was damaged by weather exposure. Their surfaces should have been sanded right back but instead they were painted with the older type of acrylic paint, which doesn't sand very well.

To burn off and sand back to basics would have cost too much in preparation time, as much perhaps as replacing all the windows with new ones!

Tracey got a handyman to free up the windows where they had been painted shut, so they could be opened again. The putty against the glass was replaced where it was loose or had fallen out. The lumpy surfaces on the flat areas of the windows were fine filled to smooth them out, so that the orange peel texture and cracked paint surfaces  would no longer show.


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