Painting Our House At Lake Haven

Not quite sure why but as with most trades, getting a job done on your own home always seems to get put off . I don't remember when we last painted the outside of our house but it has certainly needed a repaint for some time, especially the front door. So we had a free week at the end of April and Pat decided it was time to "mend nets" and paint our house  at Lake Haven

We built this house as owner builders when we first moved to Lake Haven on the Central Coast from Manly. We were undecided at first about whether to paint it or keep it unpainted and brick coloured but we both agreed we'd soon get sick of that even if it would save us money to not have to paint it. So we went for a cheaper brick and painted them, so we could change the house colour from time to time.

When we first built the house we were very into lime wash finishes, so the first two paint jobs were both done with lime wash. The first choice was two shades of Wedgwood blue. We loved this when it was first finished.

House painted with a limewash in wedgewood blue

1. limewash in wedgewood blue

(Sorry about the "painting effect" on these pictures, it wasn't intentional. Went back to correct the settings on the scanner but then it stopped working altogether, so its this version or nothing for now.)

Courtyard with Celtic Border

2. Courtyard with Celtic Border

For the first repaint we both loved this golden sand coloured lime wash and we combined it with a contrasting deep ultramarine blue trim. This was a popular combination for houses in beach suburbs at that time and I still like it very much.That year we finally got the courtyard paved and I painted a mural in the courtyard to hide the plain metal fence.

We never took a photo of the front of the house in these colours. The courtyard photos don't show so much of the wall colour as we were aiming the camera at people, but next to the rolladoor will give you the idea. I still haven't allowed Pat to change this colour in the courtyard. It makes the courtyard always feel sunny and summery even when the weather is grey and wintery cold.

2 Golden Courtyard

Golden Courtyard & Mural

I know the courtyard paintwork needs to be refreshed but I still want to keep it golden. Maybe we'll wait for Spring before we do anything. The last big storm we had damaged and destroyed the simple metal frame pergola we had over the courtyard for shade. The tiny plant I planted, has grown into a monster tree. The mural I painted has been damaged and needs replacing. So there are other things to consider in the courtyard as well as the paint colour. I just don't ever want to lose the golden sunshine colour of it though.

For the third repaint. Pat got bored with the yellow and blue and chose a more neutral yellowed beige, with a black trim on the fascia, doors and windows. The house looked stylish and contemporary and honestly quite fabulous, perhaps even a little French. Personally, I never really liked it much, especially the black front door, but I did like the black trim at roof level, around the gutter. It was much more designer - than it was "me". I like strong colours!

House Beige & Black Trim

3. Beige & Black Trim

So now we are up to our fourth house repaint and I can't explain the relief I felt to paint over that black front door! We had a bit of an argument choosing a new house colour. I did suggest we use a dusky Tuscany pink this time, but Pat wasn't too enthused about that.

So we looked into blues and greens in the ocean aqua range. Something not too blue, not too green, not too bright and not too grey.

Eventually we chose a colour called Dwarf Spruce and used this for the walls and a darker shade of it for the trims.

Then we added some light reflecting accents of pure white under the eaves and to pick out the detail on the front door.

The white really brings out the sparkle in the stained glass. Our house suddenly blended into the garden and snuggled down for the winter.

The picture at the back of the house shows the Spruce colour much as it appears to us, but the lighting at the front made it hard to take a photo that reflects what the colour really looks like there.



I think it looks really good though! And Betty from across the road gave us 11 points! Nick doesn't like the white on the door. Tim hasn't commented yet. Tzar (our German Shepherd) is just wondering when the next batch of lemons will start falling off the tree.The Indian Red on the back doors, windows and deck railing, was only painted a year ago and I like it's strong colour contrast with the Dwarf Spruce green. But I have a feeling that Pat might prefer to paint the doors and windows green to match the front.

It can be very hard to blend two painters opinions into one house!

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