Painting A Clock Cabinet At Woy Woy

Patrick and the team have been painting a house in stages at Woy Woy, starting with the external painting of this old wooden house and then working on the internal painting as renovations are completed on the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of this house.

Patricia asked Patrick if he painted furniture, as she had an idea for an old grandfather clock that she was unable to fix up as a working clock.

Grandfather Clock Cabinet

Patricia's mother Grace had left her a collection of beautiful seashells and she wanted to display them in a cabinet. She has planned an ocean theme decor for one room.So she wanted the cabinet painted a pale blue with a life buoy feature around the circular clock area.

Painted Grandfather Clock Cabinet With Life Buoy


Painted clock cabinetAfter installing shelves, the converted clock cabinet will allow her to display her mothers seashells. It will make a fabulous feature in her ocean themed room. I can't wait to see it with all the shells in it!

A selection of seashells, hand-picked from the...

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