Painting At Mardi

Painting at MardiPainting this house interior at Mardi was one of those jobs that serendipitously manages to fit into a rare "empty" week, due to a delay.

The owner had tenants in who moved early, and he wanted the interior done asap so he could move his family in. Thinking his house in Sydney would take a while to sell, he wasn't prepared when it sold immediately, so everything got moved up.

The trees in the front garden are most unusual aren't they, with their triangular trunks?

Grant and his wife also chose to paint white timber and ceilings and chose a colour called  China Beige for painting the walls. The slanted ceiling was a little tricky to paint, needing some long sticks - but this feature of the house really makes the lounge room feel like there's lots of room to move and breathe.

We may be going back to paint the outside of this house in Mardi in Nov, so I can't wait to see the room with some furniture in it. So often I only see the bare walls, with no blinds or carpet - or I never see the furniture go back into place. It is nice to see rooms completed and lived in.

Interior Painting at Mardi

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