Painting at Narara

A Red Feature Wall

For such a small area of a house, this was an extremely work intensive painting job we did in April. We painted the central hallway and staircase area (including nearly every door), of Kevin & Lily's charming two story house in Narara. A "shy lemon" (cream in the yellow range) gave a fresh clean cream finish to the walls in the hallway, against a white ceiling with white semi gloss oil based enamel on the woodwork and stair rail. That looked lovely.

Red Feature Wall

This part of the painting was what made the job different. A red feature wall was chosen for the dining and kitchen areas to warm and stimulate the senses while in these rooms. This feature wall looked so good it was worthy of a photo! So with Lily's permission ( and Tims mobile phone) we captured this most unusual red feature wall. The colour is (Taubmans) Sunset Skyline.

It looks fantastic eh? What do you think?

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