Painting a New House at Scone

We do not often do country jobs, but a client had a friend who needed their newly built house painted near Scone. We booked a cabin at Lake Glenbawn Dam, packed up the car and had 3 weeks of 4 day shifts enjoying a mini working holiday to finish painting this new house near Scone. Lake Glenbawn is very beautiful, a great location for family and fishing holidays and central to several country town areas where we sampled some delicious local cuisine.

The house was big and totally raw, only just finished and still a few other tradesmen coming through. It was a big job to paint from sealer undercoat to finish coats, both inside and out. The owners chose one main colour, just slightly off white and we painted a few feature walls in a moleskin brown.

With the large charcoal grey tiles and the huge windows with their magnificent views, it looked spacious but bare when we finished, just begging to be decorated. Pity we didn't get to see it after the owners moved in, when it was finished and furnished, I'm sure it looked fabulous, and especially so when the garden is grown in as well.

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