Painter at Yarramundi - Interior House Painting

We were the painter at Yarramundi this month. We painted the interior of a huge house, with eight bedrooms and many large entertaining and recreational rooms. It took a while, but now it is ready for the new owners, Barry and Dani to move in and get settled.

Its a lovely house, with mostly tiled floors and attractive features such as stained glass in the timber doors and a big wooden staircase. Dani and Barry chose to keep the paint colours light and neutral, so we used Hogbristle in  quarter-strength and Fair Bianca half-strength, with white ceilings.  Most of the house walls are just one colour, even though the pictures make it seem like there are different colours.

It's always interesting to see how the photos Tim takes turn out. The light in different rooms always make the colours seem different, more yellow in sunny rooms or when the colour of timber or tile reflects on the walls, a touch pink in rooms where the light is quite bright, and greener in rooms where there is less light. Sometimes its blue at certain times of day.

I don't envy architectural and interior design photographers. They must make a lot of hue adjustments and use filters to make their photograph show the colours they wish to appear.

Truth is though, that paint colours change through the day according to the light. This is the beauty of neutrals. Walls will pick up colour from curtains and furnishings, it will bounce up from tiles and ripple off water in a sink, and the colours change in warmth as the light source moves from sunlight to different kinds of artificial light. I love the way Tim has caught the sunlight through windows and the way it flares.


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