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The usual way to find wallpaper is to visit a big painting materials or home decorating store that keeps a  large range of sample books. The advantage to this is that you not only see the pattern of the paper but you can experience the texture as well.

Wallpaper ranges in thickness and may be paper, vinyl or fabric. The quite thin paper that has a slight glaze on the design needs to have a near perfect surface underneath it and a careful wallpaperer as it can rip very easily when the paste is wet. The thick vinyl types of paper will cover minor cracks and bumps without showing them and are best for houses with kids or animals as they wear better and are washable. Then there are fabric or textile wallpapers.

When you buy wallpaper online you may need to enquire before committing your money to the purchase for more details. The online record usually covers the width of the wallpaper roll and the length in a roll but it may be a bit sketchy on how thick or what type of wall cover it is. So it's best to ask the store for these details by email rather than have something that is unsuitable delivered.

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The online wallpaper stores vary a lot in how many wallpaper samples are scanned in and are available to view. It can be too frustrating to browse if you are on a slow connection. On the other hand you can discover many exotic or beautiful wallpapers that a local store would not have on show. So its worth looking to find something special.

If you are employing a tradesman to hang your wallpaper, then you can leave the measuring up to them. If you are hanging it yourself, then a very rough rule of thumb is that you'll get about three drops from a roll.  The width of a roll varies and you may need more if the pattern needs to be matched on each edge. Generally you will calculate how many rolls you need by measuring the room and estimating by the square metre  - you can use  websites handy wallpaper calculation page.

Make sure that you order wallpaper rolls from the same batch as there may be print colour difference between batches. Always over order rather than under order for this reason, as if you need to get another roll to finish a job - it's almost impossible to get the same batch.

Links To Websites To Buy Wallpaper Online

Mahones Online Wall Paper Shop has a big range of brand wallpapers scanned in for browsing and its well worth a look at their range so you get ideas for what you might want.

Click here to visit Mahones wallpaper shop

Best Price Search

When you have a good idea of what you want such as a brand or a pattern type you can start checking prices.

best price search for wallpapers

William Morris Wallpaper at pricedumper

Or if you are undecided as to your wallpaper pattern or type check ebay for a bargain.

Buy wallpaper on ebay

Wallpaper Websites

These are some other shops that display wallpaper samples online.


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