At Yarramundi – Painter

Yarramalong painter

Painter at Yarramundi – Interior House Painting We were the painter at Yarramundi this month. We painted the interior of a huge house, with eight bedrooms and many large entertaining and recreational rooms. It took a while, but now it is ready for the new owners, Barry and Dani to move in and get settled. Its a lovely house, with mostly tiled floors and attractive features such as stained glass in the timber doors and a big wooden staircase. Dani and Barry chose to keep the paint colours light and neutral, so we used Hogbristle in  quarter-strength and Fair Bianca half-strength, with white ceilings.  Most of the house walls are just one colour, even though the pictures make it seem like there are different colours. It’s always interesting to see how the photos Tim takes turn out. The light in different rooms always make the colours seem different, more yellow in sunny rooms or when the colour of timber or tile reflects on the walls, a touch pink in rooms where the light is quite bright, and greener in rooms where there is less light. Sometimes its blue at certain times of day. I don’t envy architectural and interior design photographers. They must make a lot of hue adjustments and use filters to make their photograph show the colours they wish to appear. Truth is though, that paint colours change through the day according to the light. This is the beauty of neutrals. Walls will pick up colour from curtains…

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Painting at Wamberal

Painting at Wamberal

John’s House – Painting at Wamberal Wamberal is a coastal suburb of the Central Coast just north of Terrigal. John and his wife have a big and beautiful home there and we enjoyed using a few subtle colour contrast painting techniques here. The paint colour of most of the main living areas is called Pebble Bay, and the cornice where the wall meets the ceiling is painted in Milk Cloud. Milk Cloud is also used as a wall colour in some bedrooms and Aria Ivory was used in corridors and the walls by the stairs. The style is a traditional style of painting in keeping with a grand house with traditional features. It picks out the cornice and ceiling rosettes to provide some contrast and definition to the rooms. The colours we used while painting at Wamberal are strong neutrals, that enhance the owner’s choices in interior decor. The window woodwork colour was tinted a little darker to harmonise the gloss paint on the frames to the flat cornice colour. We were also asked whether we could paint some tiles. White Knight make a tile paint product which we used to blend these small tiled areas with the colours in the rest of the house.

Complete New Look – Wyee

We had the opportunity to give a house a total new look at Wyee recently. Joanne and Des have a small property in Wyee. On it was a house like a woodlands cabin with exterior walls of shiplap cladding, rough timber planks stained mission brown. Floor to ceiling glass in cedar windows means plenty of light inside the house but the outside looked old fashioned, dark and plain. They had decided to get some repairs done and to build in a small extension on one end of the verandah. The deck and verandah ceilings were also painted. With some trepidation, because it’s a big change, Joanne and Des decided to paint the cladding and window frames in an off white range of colours. Each colour paint had a little neutral cream tint in it, a warm cream on the shiplap and almost white on the trims. Because of the previous coats of stain, the timber needed sealing first with an enamel undercoat, so that no brown staining comes through and spoils the pale finish coat. Then two coats of weathershield to protect the wood against sun and rain. The results were nothing less than stunning. These are the before and after pictures for painting Wyee Many of our jobs are repaint jobs, to refresh the colours that are already there and make it look new. Often the colours are similar or the same as were there before. It was really fun to paint this house. To make such a dramatic…

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Summerland Point Painter

Summerland Point Painter

This holiday house with stunning views over the water, needed a Summerland Point painter to spruce up its weatherboard exterior. We drove on a road between the still smoking trees of recent bushfires in October, and arrived at this beautiful little cabin next to the sparkling water. The owners chose a mid range fawn colour for the cladding boards, picked out the window frames and verandah latticework in white, and we painted the front door in a strong bluish purple. Lovely combination of colours, beautiful location. Good job!

Painter in Bateau Bay

Bateau Bay Painter

The owner of this house needed a painter in Bateau Bay, a coastal suburb of Wyong Shire on the Central Coast. It was a big renovation and the new wooden floors needed to be carefully covered and taped close to the skirt, to ensure no scratches from ladders or paint spray ruined their glossy new finish. With the house (including wooden stairs) being on 4 different levels that was over a days work prep just to start with! The owner chose a pale warm neutral for the majority of the walls, but made a bold and unusual choice of an almost black, charcoal grey for many feature walls which, along with the modern fittings, gave the house a very modern look. With the beautiful warm wooden floors, and the white of skirtings and ceilings, it was a stunning success, don’t you think?

Painting A New House

Painting at Scone

Painting a New House at Scone We do not often do country jobs, but a client had a friend who needed their newly built house painted near Scone. We booked a cabin at Lake Glenbawn Dam, packed up the car and had 3 weeks of 4 day shifts enjoying a mini working holiday to finish painting this new house near Scone. Lake Glenbawn is very beautiful, a great location for family and fishing holidays and central to several country town areas where we sampled some delicious local cuisine. The house was big and totally raw, only just finished and still a few other tradesmen coming through. It was a big job to paint from sealer undercoat to finish coats, both inside and out. The owners chose one main colour, just slightly off white and we painted a few feature walls in a moleskin brown. With the large charcoal grey tiles and the huge windows with their magnificent views, it looked spacious but bare when we finished, just begging to be decorated. Pity we didn’t get to see it after the owners moved in, when it was finished and furnished, I’m sure it looked fabulous, and especially so when the garden is grown in as well.

Wallpaper Feature Walls at Tumbi Umbi

This was a big house in Tumbi Umbi that we painted the interior, both upstairs and downstairs walls and woodwork in Antique White. We also enjoyed doing some wallpapering here, some wallpaper feature walls in very bold colours which beautifully complemented the furniture and other features of Erica and Stuart’s home. In the main bedroom the gold wallpaper brought warmth and focus to a minimal room and matched well with a similar patterned bedspread.

Painting at Empire Bay

painter empire bay

At the beginning of October Patrick, John and Tim have just finished Michelle’s house painting at Empire Bay on the Central Coast. The main interior wall colour they used is called Hogbristle and it flows throughout the house with lightly contrasting white ceilings. The timber is painted with Hogbristle in a gloss, making it appear just that touch lighter. The effect is warm and light – perfect for Summer.

Painting at Mosman

3 Painters Pool Mosman

Painting at Mosman – how every one thinks someone else’s job is easier Pat and I used to live in Sydney and it’s always a privilege when we originally painted a building and the client asks us back for maintenance and refresh painting. The house at Mosman is one of our favourites, a million dollar view (as many in this suburb do), but the house and it’s owners are a joy to visit. There are places here that are a bit tricky to paint though and the photo’s show how to paint around a pool. I was painted the railings around the balcony on the floor above and it was a great viewpoint for these shots. You need good balance and sometimes ingenuity to be a painter!  The passing of the roller over the water on the end of the stick was a brilliant idea I thought. Because you wouldn’t want to walk on that tiny ledge more than you have to. You have to use one hand to hang on tight to the wall as well as October is still a bit cool to be going swimming. Later while we were sitting having coffee I commented that the gardener had his work cut out for him as well. But the guys seemed to think it would be a breeze – they have machines that do it they said. Still – keeping those hedges square and the clippings out of the pool – that doesn’t look so easy to me….

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Painting At Mardi

Painting at Mardi

Painting At Mardi Painting this house interior at Mardi was one of those jobs that serendipitously manages to fit into a rare “empty” week, due to a delay. The owner had tenants in who moved early, and he wanted the interior done asap so he could move his family in. Thinking his house in Sydney would take a while to sell, he wasn’t prepared when it sold immediately, so everything got moved up. The trees in the front garden are most unusual aren’t they, with their triangular trunks? Grant and his wife also chose to paint white timber and ceilings and chose a colour called  China Beige for painting the walls. The slanted ceiling was a little tricky to paint, needing some long sticks – but this feature of the house really makes the lounge room feel like there’s lots of room to move and breathe. We may be going back to paint the outside of this house in Mardi in Nov, so I can’t wait to see the room with some furniture in it. So often I only see the bare walls, with no blinds or carpet – or I never see the furniture go back into place. It is nice to see rooms completed and lived in.

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