Central Coast Painters

This small team of Central Coast painters are ...

Fast Workers So You Can Get Back To Normal Quickly

Patrick and his small team of Central Coast painters will make your house painting as easy on you as possible.

Our painting team work fast, so that you can get back to your normal lives quickly. We turn up as early in the morning as you allow us to, (generally around 7.00am ) and leave in the early afternoon, so that we aren't in the way all day, or when the kids come home from school.

We get our best work done then - when the team is fresh, not sleepy after lunch, or over tired.

Feature Walls and Colour Choices

Feature Wall on a Stair

A Crimson Feature Wall on a Stair at Lane Cove House

If you need our help  to pick paint colours for your house, the harmonious use of colour is Patrick's special talent . Patrick can intuitively help you to make the choices that will please you.

If you want to try something but are unsure, he'll encourage you to use the colour you are interested in, or to create a feature wall - if you would like to. But he'll steer you away from painting choices that may be a bad fit with your home, furniture or other fittings. If you know exactly what you want, then that makes our job easier still.

Fair Quote For Professional Painting

You'll find our painting quote is very fair for a professional painting job. If we were cheaper we'd be cutting corners.   But don't take our word for it, give the Cetral Coast painters a bell, or fill in the painting quote request and email it to us. See for yourself!

Call Patrick on his mobile phone  0448 92 3301
Or Click Here To Request a Painting Quote

NB. We cannot quote, sight unseen, over the phone. Patrick needs to physically look at the job to quote it accurately.  It does save time and helps tremendously to have your address details emailed via this quote form.

If you email us, we forget less details, as we inevitably get distracted when getting to know you and talking about the job. The Central Coast painters can usually start fairly quickly, depending of course, on our commitments.