Exterior Painting

For many people, the biggest investment they make will be their home, or some other building. It's therefore surprising that people neglect to maintain their property's exterior painting.

Exterior Painting of House Canberra

Exterior Painting

It's essential to keep your house or business premises protected from the elements with paint. It is this paint sealed finish that wraps around and protects your home's structural materials from the  weather destruction of hail storms, extreme cold, rain and harsh sun.

The consistent investment in maintenance of your exterior paint work can save you thousands of dollars in the near future.

This is especially important if your building is an older property, as they built many decorative features into older buildings, that are not so easily protected. Keep these charming features sealed and well painted.

By protecting external woodwork and metal from rust and rot you may not find it needful to pay out to replace things that can become weather and wear damaged, like...

  • Window Frames
  • Doors and Frames
  • Timber or Weatherboard Walls
  • Patio and Pergolas
  • Eaves and Gutters & Fascias
  • Fencing
  • Roofing

Don't leave it too long to redo exterior painting. Once rust or rot has set in, its easier for it to spread and your metal and wood features will eventually be eaten away, become dangerous and need replacing.

Different Exterior Paints for Different Materials

All wooden and metal surfaces are rubbed down, filled and properly prepared to seal against any further weather damage. They are then twice coated with weatherproof acrylic paints.  All weatherproof external paints have a guarantee generally for 10 years, sometimes for longer.

Brick work and rendered brickwork  need to be correctly sealed before finishing with weatherproof acrylic paint. It may be hard to ensure cracks don't reappear but certain flexible fillers will be good for many years.

Wooden flooring, such as decking, can be painted or stained or sealed with a polyurethane finish similar to the 'varnish' used for cork or wooden floors. Porous external tiles may also  need sealing.

Concrete paint can be used for exterior patio and courtyard floor areas and for laundry or garage concrete floors if the client wants them painted.  There is also a special roof paint to renew the surface on concrete roof tiles and a paint for corrugated iron roofing to apply after they have been cleaned up with a gurney.

Exterior Painting of House Extension

Exterior Painting of House Extension of a top floor and all exterior panelling and features

Colour and Decorative Details in Exterior Painting

Exterior painting can be just the doors -  or it can also be the  window frames and the eaves, downpipes and the gutters. Or it can be the whole exterior of the building, the walls and floors and roof! Verticals may be brick or render or wooden, or cement panelling, or timber. Somtimes paint is decorative and always it's protective.

Decorative detailing in strong colours, especially on the buildings woodwork features, can be painted in heritage colours or your choice of any traditional or contemporary colour scheme for the right look and feel .