Patrick is A Professional Wallpaperer

Patrick is an expert wallpaperer who will make your wallpaper look seamless.  Although wallpaper is not used as often these days, wallpaper can create a very charming effect in a special room or simply on a feature wall.

Where to Feature Wallpaper

Patrick can easily add a "feature" wallpaper border to a painted room and use two tones of colour either side of the border if desired. This is especially effective in childrens bedrooms, with cute animation borders and in houses with country themes.


Colourful pictorial borders are also popular in halls and on stairs. More subtle pictorial borders, and fine paper small geometric designs of wallpaper, are often used in lounge and dining rooms. Where there is a rail - at waist height (dado) or at picture rail height - the wallpaper stops at the rail to give a delightful traditional look and feel.

A Ragging Effect Pink and Beige Wallpaper with a Patterned Shell Border

A Ragging Effect Pink and Beige Wallpaper with a Patterned Shell Border

There are many different styles of wallpaper

  • Thin paper (most elegant)
  • Washable (a hardier cleanable surface)
  • Textured  (catches the light)
  • Anaglypta (a textured paper used under paint to simulate a textured wall or to disguise a wall that has uneven surfaces.)
  • Fabric (soft tones)
  • Mural (a feature picture wall)

Styles range from small subtle repeated designs to large colourful florals. Your wallpaperer will advise you if your chosen paper is suitable for the surface and space you want to cover with it.

Wallpapering Supplies

For wallpapering supplies on the Central Coast  you need to visit a local paint shop (who is also a wallpaper supplier) to choose a wallpaper you like from their huge sample books.

TIP: While you are there make a note of the wallpaper width for your wallpaperer and ask how long it will take to get an order. For some special wallpapers it may be necessary to wait for an order to be shipped from overseas and this may require waiting months for delivery . So if this is likely, start your preparation early to compensate.

TIP:  If you do the ordering yourself, make sure that you allow enough rolls as all rolls must be from the same batch, or there may be colour differences when applied.

You can also buy wallpaper on ebay  which often has very stylish designer wallpaper at reduced prices. Or you can look for designs on the Internet and  buy wallpaper from shops online.  Patrick will estimate the number of rolls you will need and supply the quote to apply the wallpaper.

Preparation before wallpapering

It is necessary to paint a raw plaster or gyprock wall with sealer or undercoat before papering.  Wallpaper is difficult to remove from an unsealed wall if glued directly onto plasterboard and it will not adhere securely if applied directly to rendered, powdery or flaky surfaces. If the surface has been wallpapered before, the wallpaperer will remove the old wallpaper before applying the new paper.

Wallpaper is generally easily removed with a steamer which can be hired from the paint shop. You can save a little money if you do this yourself, that's if you don't mind getting dirty!

In the following picture gallery you can see a range of  samples of wallpaper and borders.