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Whats Included In A Painters Quote

What’s Included In A Painters Quote? Unless the job is a business premises or a huge building – in which case a project manager or interior designer will usually oversee it – a painters quote is not a complex document with hard to figure out fine print. Generally speaking what is agreed upon when accepting a quote is that the stated rooms will be painted with a specified number of coats on the specified walls, ceilings, timber and other external areas, in a sometimes specified type of paint. Colour choices and types of paint are discussed but are not made part of the quote as people cannot always make all these decisions prior to quoting. So painters are very flexible about colours until the job actually starts and only some types of paint choices will affect a painters quote. Choosing Paint Types and Brands Most painters have an account with a paint wholesaler and will purchase your paint for you. The cost of paint is therefore included in the quote. If the painter needs to purchase more paint than he first anticipated, he generally absorbs the cost of this. Exceptions to this are if the paint used is different to a normal paint and is used up unexpectedly fast or if the area quoted was not seen before the quote for some reason. If a customer wants a particular brand of paint used such as Dulux or Taubmans and if it is more expensive than the normal brand a painter…

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What To Do Before The Painter Comes

What To Do Before The Painter Comes Painters are only interested in your walls and ceilings and woodwork so any furniture and other possessions that come between them and the wall will be carefully shoved to one side. The most effective and considerate preparation you can do before your painter arrives is to pack up any nick nacks that are loose on the furniture in the rooms to be painted. Although painters can slide a cabinet filled with Wedgwood away from the wall they will not empty it or touch the items in it. Pack Up Or Make Safe Small Objects on Furniture If the whole house isn’t being done, moving small pieces of furniture out of the rooms to be painted can be helpful if the room is very crowded. Taping plastic dust sheets over extremely valuable furniture can keep it dust and paint spatter free. Neither of these things is really necessary as dust sheets are always used and furniture can be moved, but you know how valuable your things are and should take what steps you consider necessary to protect them. If you have precious or valuable objects, carefully move them out of the room or to where they will not obstruct access to the wall for painting. If an object might be damaged when moved consider putting it out of harms way. Packing things in boxes may not be necessary but can be very helpful. Many clients take this opportunity to pack things safely out of…

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